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Our System of Government

People constantly tell me that our whole system needs to be reformed. In other words a "great reset" of  our governmental system here in Canada. The system of government we have is the best system in the world. Ours and the United States have the best system of democracy and freedom the world has ever seen, all based on the Magna Carta one of the greatest documents ever drawn up by men. We stand as a beacon for freedom. People around the world in envy see Canada and the USA and the freedoms we hold dear; and many want to come and settle here in this great nation. With our Constitution, Charter Rights and Freedoms, Parliamentary Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy, we have experienced the greatest freedoms that the world has ever known. But there is a problem! Yes, I acknowledge that there is a problem. But the problem is NOT with the system of government-No, the problem are the CORRUPT human beings running the system. It's the people we have in power now-that's the problem! Bending and twisting the system to suit their needs and line their pockets. No matter how good a system is, human beings will always find a way to twist it and corrupt it, so they can seize power, get rich and oppress the people. The system is good so long as we have honest people running it! The great reset we really need is brand new political parties and people ELECTED by us Canadians to run the system the way it's supposed to be run; and these parties must be PATRIOTIC CANADA FIRST PARTIES, and PURGE OUT these socialist corrupt regimes BY THE ELECTION PROCESS that are in power today that have seized power in our great Parliamentary Democracy-Constitutional Monarchy-Peter Salemi

Canada, A Nation of Immigrants?- (Full Article Here)

One of the major lies being perpetuated today by the left wing politicians and the media is that Canada is a "nation of immigrants." They keep saying the nation was founded by immigrants, but the country was founded by COLONISTS. The colonists (English) who founded Canada were not immigrants. The founding colonists were quintessential Canadians. They created the nation that Immigrants decided to come to. "Colonists bring their own culture, their own language, their own ways to the new land and attempt to adapt it to the new area. In our specific example, the earliest Americans saw themselves as British and tried to expand the British way of life in the New World." (A Nation of Immigrants? Jay Tea).

Colonists created the nation of Canada, and instituted their British culture, religion, government etc...They were not immigrants. Immigrants are different. They are not looking to expand their home culture, but become a part of a new one. They might keep some of their old ways, but for the most part they have chosen to set it aside in favor of a new way of life.

The colonies were created by English settlers mainly by the Empire loyalists. These colonized the United States, then losing everything due to the war of Independence deciding to stay loyal to the Mother country left all and settled in Canada.  Do immigrants set up government institutions in the new country that they settle? No! They adopt to the institutions that are already there. The Canadian Empire Loyalists did no such thing. Today historians try to make history politically correct, and make it out that the Loyalist were "multi-cultural" etc...But the fact is, they established British Culture, and wanted to live under the British institutions. The minorities that were with them wanted the same thing. The Majority of these people were British, and wanted British culture to rule and reign, not multiculturalism. In fact, "The Loyalists, as their name already implies, wished to remain faithful subjects of the Crown and under the legal and legislative institutions that derived from the Crown. They came to Canada so they could continue to live under those same institutions...In Upper Canada, it established a system of land tenure as well as a court system modeled on British Common Law that continues in Ontario to this day." (The Significance of June 19th the Loyalist Day, article by By Alexander Roman Ph.D., emphasis added). Does this sound like multiculturalism?

Sir John A. MacDonald Canada's first Prime Minister said, "As for myself, my course is clear. A British subject I was born — a British subject I will die"

Can Canada become another South Africa?

The whites in South Africa are facing violence on a daily basis threatened by Genocide by the ruling blacks.

It first started, by the whites as pioneers and settlers founding the nation on empty land. Afterwards the blacks came from the north and immigrated to South Africa. Canada started the same way.

Then lies and anti-white propaganda began to take hold about whites and racism to the point where eventually the blacks took over the nation, and ruled over the nation. Now, whites are facing genocide sanctioned by the government. Also, the ANC are demanding that they take over white farmland without reparations. Whites are also kept in squatter camps due to poverty and unemployment; and the people in Government are all Marxists.

This pattern is beginning to take shape in Canada, the USA, Britain and her dominions. Anti-White rhetoric is rampant in our universities and media. There is discrimination all over against whites especially white males. Claims of whites stealing land, and white privilege is constantly being perpetuated from these far left groups and our government as well. Our Government and universities are fill with Marxists including our Prime Minister.

Now we see mass immigration from the third world, mostly from countries that hate the west. People in government call Canadians Nazi's, bigots, white supremacists etc...The pattern has begun, and now we are getting to the point where whites will become the minority in their own countries in a few decades, which means the minorities will eventually rule over them. And with the hate towards whites today, will the whites in Canada face what the whites face in South Africa in the very near future?

 Canada's Diversity is its weakness

Canada pride's itself on its diversity. In fact however it is its weakness. Turkey during the days of the Ottoman Empire had this same policy of Multi-culturalism which is in fact colonialism with in its empire, and the same thing is happening today in Canada. Notice this source, “By 1900, the Ottoman Sultan could claim rule over a domain that stretched from the deserts of Libya in Africa to the snow-covered mountains of Armenia and Kurdistan. This ruler controlled the oil fields and marshes of southern Iraq and the mountain valleys of Bosnia on the Austrian border. The Sultan’s flag flew along the shores of the Adriatic Sea near Italy in Europe and down to the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula in West Asia. Between these geographic extremes, lay a vast and diverse empire containing multiple ethnic and religious groups, many of whom disliked each other more than they disliked Turkish rule. These groups, over the hundred years prior to 1900, had begun to identify themselves as distinct national groups rather than as subjects of the Ottoman Empire." (article, The Fall of Ottoman Empire, Roger Lee )., emphasis added). There was no unity in the empire and therefore by World War One the Turkish empire could not defend itself and fell due to its diversity.

Prime Minister McKenzie King when he said in Parliament in 1947 that Canada should remain a white man's country he knew that diversity would be its weakness. Mackenzie King stated in explicit terms the great value of unity, explaining that to allow immigration by "the races of the Orient", their assimilation into Canada, would bring whites, "face to face at once with the loss of that homogeneity which ought to characterize the people of this country if we are to be a great nation"*

The Canadian Identity much like the USA is Anglo Saxon, "The WASP Character is the American [and Canadian]...It is the mold, the template, the archetype, the set of axes along which the crystal has grown. Without the WASP it would be another country altogether...The British Empire spread Anglo Saxon culture around the globe-Protestant morals, individualism, and the rule of law. Most British colonies rejected those values [and now there is chaos]. Only the ones populated by actual British people-America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand-managed to hold on to them and, as a result, prospered" (Adios America, Coulter, pp.54, 57, emphasis added). Now Canada has an identity crises, and the more diverse it becomes the more Canada will change, and the Canada as we know it will never be the same and strong again.

With these multicultural policies funded by the Tax payers of Canada of $35 billion per year, eventually, "Multiculturalism eventually means a world of no culture, with everyone waiting to be mentally spoon-fed by the government. Without a culture, there is no reference point, no anchor, no defense against tyranny...locals have been brainwashed by Liberal (Cultural Marxist) regimes into thinking that theirs should be 'a nation of immigrants,' where people have been convinced that it's better to be 'multicultural' than to take pride in one's own culture." (Peter Goodchild, Council of European Canadians, May 2014, emphasis added).

Praising diversity is simply part of the PC (Politically Correct) dogma, a mantra being pounded into our heads. But, "Contrary to everything you have heard, never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a disaster...[and] the fact that we have to be incessantly told how wonderful diversity is only proves that is it not" (Adios America, Coulter p.61, emphasis added).

Canada must be united to survive. In fact, "Communities that speak the same language and share a culture together are stronger than those compiled of multiple different ones. Homogeneous nations bond together with a common identity – they do not fall apart and fracture in the same way that heterogeneous countries can do...The new cultures that are being imported into Canada have different core ideological principles to ours; some of their key tenets also go against basic Canadian values, such as the rule of law and equality between men and women...The real strength of Canada is not diversity, but our culture of liberty and the fact that we accept those people who want to embrace or conform to it. I worry that our government no longer concerns itself with properly ensuring that migrants reject their old authoritarian ideas and integrate into liberal western society. I fear that Trudeau’s narrative is more important to him than safety of Canadians and our wonderful history." (Article, Is diversity really our strength? Lauren Southern emphasis added).

Is this racism? One only pulls out the racism card because that is the only argument one has to combat the facts. When facts do not back up one's belief, one then accuses the other of racism. We are speaking of the death of a nation, and the ones who are leading to that death are whites. These people are the real racist; they are against their own people. Taking away their culture, rewriting their history. Stripping everything that their culture has achieved. If this was done to any other people there would be outrage, but racism against the French and the English is legal and tolerated. If we were speaking of any other non-white country racism would not even be an issue. Today it seems that whites are not allowed to have their own nation, that they must give up everything they have achieved and give it over to everyone else.

* (source Ninette Kelley, Michael Trebilcock, The Making of the Mosaic. A History of Canadian Immigration Policy, 1998: 206).

Stripping of Canada's Colonial Past

It is interesting that every time the Liberal Party of Canada comes into power they strip a little more of Canada's British past.

The Canadian flag got changed by the Liberal Party. The Red Ensign was the flag of Canada, Though intended purely for use at sea, the Canadian Red Ensign was widely flown on land as well and soon came to be regarded as Canada's de facto national flag. In the 1920s the Canadian government authorized it to be flown by the Canadian High Commission in London and the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. During World War II, the government directed the Canadian Army overseas to use it as a flag of nationality when appropriate. In 1945, a Canadian order in council authorized the Canadian Red Ensign to be flown on government buildings inside and outside Canada. Then the new Liberal Prime Minister, Lester Pearson, placed the issue before Parliament. Pearson, who had campaigned on the promise of a new flag for Canada and in February 1965 we have the flag that is used today.

Mass Immigration from Other parts of the world and multi-culturalism began because of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the Liberal Party leader. The implementation of multiculturalism and mass immigration in the 1970s was intended to be, as Prime Minister Trudeau said openly, "an experiment of major proportions", an effort to undermine the historic British and French character of Canada by transforming the nation into a multiethnic place in which old ethnic nationalisms would be discredited.

 In 1982, when the Liberals took over government with Pierre Trudeau as its head, began to change the constitution, to make it more “Canadian,” according to the Liberals. The British North America Act, statute enacted 29 March 1867 by the British Parliament providing for CONFEDERATION. In April 1982 it was renamed the CONSTITUTION ACT, 1867, as part of the movement toward "patriation" of the Constitution. A political process that led to Canadian sovereignty, culminating in 1982. Until that date, Canada was governed by a constitution composed of British laws that could be changed only by acts of the British parliament, albeit only with the consent of the Canadian government. The patriation process saw the provinces granted influence in constitutional matters and resulted in the constitution being amendable by Canada only and according to the Canadian amending formula, with no role for the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Now with the new Liberal party in Power, they are at it again. The first thing that happen when Justin Trudeau the Liberal Leader became Prime Minister was the removal of the portrait of the Queen that hung in the "Global Affairs" office in Ottawa. The portrait was replaced by the French-Canadian artwork of Alfred Pellan that had hung in the building previously. Removing the Queen’s portrait is only the first step in the planned remaking of Canada in the image of the Liberal Party. There is already a left-wing movement to change our national anthem.

Also the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on his twitter account, "That's why we're changing the very institution that was established to implement colonial laws."

Why the Liberal Party? It is no secret that the Liberal Party has been taken over by Left wing socialist that want to reshape Canada in their image, a sort of utopian socialist society. To do that they must strip Canada of its past, and label anyone who is a Patriot-love of God, country and Queen as a racist and a bigot that way they can reshape Canada the way they want.

It is even taught in the schools, “…in Canada…the extinguishing by omission, of much of our core British history on which the nation was constructed….of the one hundred and twenty books approved as history texts…names like Britain, British, and England are conspicuously absent.’ There is NO PRIDE taught in our historic British connections; rather we are taught SHAME for our alleged colonial deeds…barely a dozen of …hundreds of college students have ever heard of the Magna Carta or the Plains of Abraham, or were aware of the British Origins of the Common Law, or those of our political institutions. A number of students even vehemently deny these things…much of what our students are taught today amounts to a one sided brainwashing by teachers and textbook writers…” (War Against the Family, pp.235-36, emphasis added). The teachers these days have a left wing socialist agenda, and are spreading it to our children. Also notice as Gairdner put it, “alleged colonial deeds.” R. Spencer agrees, he says this usually is “assumed not demonstrated.”

Notice what the effects are to a people who forget their past and where they came from: "Lord Macaulay...he said: 'A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.'

Carl Sandburg: 'When a nation goes down. .. [or] a society perishes, one condition may always be found. They forgot where they came from.'

And should we not take some warning from the words of the philosopher George Santayana when he said: 'Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.''' We are repeating the same mistake past empires have made. Unless we correct it now, we will experience the same outcome. 

The Spirit of the Patriot War 1837

In today's political climate, we are seeing irresponsible government, and a government not listening to the people of Canada. We have a Marxist Socialist Islamic government now in power, and they are changing the very structure and freedoms that we hold dear in Canada.

In the rebellions of 1837-38 the governments of Upper and Lower Canada were also irresponsible and corrupt. The rebels believed that the right of citizens to participate in the political process through the election of representatives was the most important right, and they sought to make the legislative council elective rather than appointed. Rebellion in Upper Canada (and Lower Canada also) broke out after the 1836 Legislative Assembly elections were corrupted.

Reformers in each province organized radical democratic "political unions." The Political Union movement in Britain was largely credited with the passing of the Great Reform Bill of 1832. In Lower Canada the Patriots organized the Société des Fils de la Liberté ("Sons of Liberty"). William Lyon Mackenzie helped organize the Toronto Political Union in July 1837. Both organizations became the vehicles for politically organizing protests.

The rebellion was soon quelled but it made wise people see that something must be done to prevent such discontent in the future. This resulted in Canada re-uniting in 1841, and there would be only one Parliament and that the colony should have "responsible government" This meaning, "government by those who are responsible, or answerable to, the greater number. They may continue to rule only so long as the greater number of the people wish them to do so. When they can no longer get the greater number to vote for them they must cease to rule. Then there is a 'general election' and the people choose again those whom they wish to have in power" (Our Empire Story, p.115-16, emphasis added). Eventually the great Queen Victoria chose Ottawa for the fixed place where Parliament should resume, and the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada has sat there ever since.

Fast forward to today, Dalton McGuinty ruled Ontario, and left in absolute shambles, and then leaves his post with absolutely no accountability whatsoever to the people of Ontario. This is not responsible government.

The Trudeau government, with its insane budgets, and immigration levels that is going to cost the tax payer billions of dollars, in the end, where will his accountability be to the people of Canada? These people come in do their damage and leave, and the tax payer is left with the bills and the problems. This is irresponsible government and the leaders get away scot-free.

Well in the spirit of the Patriot War, the Canadian Patriots need to take a stand against this insanity, and call for responsible government, and if they fail to do so, we the people have every right to put pressure on Parliament for a no confidence vote and new elections and choose again those whom they wish to have in power! Or pressure on the Governor General. This will result as it did in the Patriots war a UNITED CANADA!

Canada Wide Patriots Day May 21, 2018